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Sustainable Building Consultants

Green at Heart are a sustainability consultancy specialising in the built environment. We offer energy efficiency certifications for housing using BERS Pro and deemed to satisfy BCA methods, we also offer commercial certifications using Section J of the BCA. We work Australia-wide for clients including individuals, owner builders, building designers, architects and engineers.

We also conduct environmental consulting for businesses and residential properties.  Our staff have qualifications in Architecture, Sustainability, Green Plumbing and have Greensmart Homes HIA accreditation, Workplace Health and Safety, Training and Assessment and are certified Federal Government Sustainability Assessors. 

Green at Heart have facilitated a ClimateSmart Business Cluster program in conjunction with the Missing Link for 20 north Queensland businesses and author a guide on Retrofitting for Sustainability for Housing in the Tropics for Cairns and Far North Environment Centre. Green at Heart are representatives on the steering committee for the Tropical Green Building Network and on the Urban Design Advisory Board for Cairns Regional Council.

Andrew Barrett - Director

ABSA Qualified Energy Efficiency Assessor
BDAV Qualified Energy Efficiency Assessor
Sustainability Assessor
Diploma of Sustainability
Federal Government Sustainability Assessor
Environmental plumber
BDAQ Associate Member
Greensmart Accredited
BSA Member
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
Diploma of Management 

Andrew has 20 years experience in the construction industry. He is a qualified Energy Efficiency Assessor and the owner of Green at Heart and QLD Energy Ratings the first and most well known Energy Efficiency Rating consultancy in Far North Queensland.



How sustainable is Green at Heart? We can't support you to be sustainable without following sustainable practice in our business, we: 

- Compost our green waste and shredded paper
- Recycle all bottles and cans
- Print our promotional and business materials on recycled paper
- Carbon offset our plane flights
- Have a PV system installed to produce power and solar hot water
- Use natural ventilation where possible
- Switich our computers off when not in use
- Use ethnaol fuel in our vehicles