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As part of the Building Code of Australia, all new dwellings and substantial renovations need to meet energy efficiency requirements. Currently this stands at a rating minimum of 5 stars for new houses and renovations. 

Climate Zones in Queensland
The BCA divides Queensland into 4 climatic Zones with differing requirements.
Zone 1: Tropical North
Zone 2: Mackay to QLD/NSW border
Zone 2: Western Queensland
Zone 3: Inland Queensland
Zone 5: Darling Downs


What are the requirements for Energy Efficiency?

A minimum 6 star energy efficiency rating of the building using BERS Pro Plus 4.2 V110811 software. This is the only version of BERS that will be accepted to meet the National Construction Code.

NB: These star ratings can be lessened to 4.5 to 5 Stars if you have an outdoor area with a minimum size of 12m2 with insulation and/or ceiling fans.

Water saving measures:

  • Dual flush toilets with a minimum 4 star rating 
  • Water efficient 3 star rated shower roses 
  • Tapware for laundry tubs, kitchen sinks and basins should be a minimum of 3 star
  • Water pressure limiting devices in areas with high water pressure 
  • Greenhouse efficient hot water systems such as solar, heat pump or gas hot water. 
  • Rainwater tank 5000L or greywater treatments (some Councils are exempt from this)
  • Energy efficient lighting for a minimum of 80% of the total fixed internal lighting
  • Hardwired AC to have a minimum EER of 2.9

Your designer or builder will have to design or build the home to meet these requirements.

We perform energy efficiency assessments and provide and Energy Star Rating Certificates and stamped plans to be submitted to council or your private certifier.

If your house or renovation does not meet with the minimum rating we can suggest changes to ensure compliance. Some suggested examples may include minimal modifications such as additional insulation, alternative glazing or major changes such as changing orientation, increasing eave overhangs or using external shading devices.

For information on what we require to assess your home please visit our section detailing the energy efficiency report process.

We can provide you with a free quote prior to commencement. Prices start at $80 and increase with size of building.

Contact us for more information.