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First we will provide you with a quotation for the service selected.



For all residential assessments DOWNLOAD and complete our checklist





 Provide set of plans (by email, post, or drop-off)  including:
        - Site plan (indicating north point)
        - Floor plan (to scale)
        - Elevations 
        - Window schedule or dimensions
        - Lighting and electrical plan (showing fan and downlight locations)

To ensure that plans are processed promptly and efficiently, we prefer them emailed or on disk in PDF format. Autocad DWGs are also accepted.

The energy simulation is then performed and a star rating is obtained. If the dwelling does not reach the minimum 6 star rating, suggestions can be made to ensure that your building complies with minimum changes. We can also suggest ways in which you can exceed this requirement. 

You will be provided with a set of certified stamped plans, an energy efficiency certificate and data sheet. These will have to be submitted to your local council or building certifier with your application.


For all commercial assessments please provide (by email, post, or drop-off) a set of plans including:
    - Site plan (indicating north point)
    - Floor plan (to scale)
    - Elevations 
    - Window schedule or dimensions
    - Sections
It is best to request the assessment at the end of the design development phase so any changes to insulation or windows can be incorporated in your final drawings.
You will be provided with a report indicating compliance with the Thermal Performance component of Section J of the BCA. This will accompany supporting documentation from your mechanical and electrical engineers.